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For providing efficient electrical services, the consumers are expected to shoulder the following responsibilities :-


To use the electricity load within the sanctioned limits and in the premises for which the same has been sanctioned.


The electricity connection should be used for the purpose for which the same has been sanctioned by NDMC.


The electrical installations of the premises from Meter Board onward should be maintained strictly as per Indian Electricity Rules in safe conditions. Particular attention be paid to maintain proper earth connection and encourage use of E.L.C.B & M.C.B


While making request for sanction of new connection or additional load, all the required information should be filled up in the prescribed forms properly and ensure that all the required documents are enclosed so that request can be processed and finalized in time bound matter.


The electricity connection should not be misused particularly during peak periods because every unit of energy saved is more than a unit generated.


The consumer should provide matching capacitor wherever heavy air-conditioning or motor load like lifts & pumps are being used to kept power factor within prescribed limit. This will save energy consumption, too.


The consumers should use energy efficient light fixtures and power gadgets to reduce consumption.


Consumer should not tamper with the meters as these amounts to theft, which is a cognizable offence. In case of any defect in meter they should contact the NDMC staff at once. In case of multistoried building the internal distribution system should be properly designed as per electricity rules and keeping in view the flexibility of requirement.


If there is any leakage of current or sparking at a public place the citizen should inform the nearest Electricity complaints Center or Control Room.