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  • Major Achievement During The Year 2015-16.

    1. The work of improvement of 10% area of Nehru Park has been completed.
    2. Green House at Moti Bagh has been created with Agro Synthetic Net.
    3. New Training Session and Visit/Technical Tour has been conducted for Field Officers and Staff to enhance the Knowledge, Skill and Work Efficiency in reference to modern horticulture landscapes in present scenario.
    4. Garden Huts at Nehru Park and Parks near INA, Metro Station has been created.
    5. Beautification of Subhash Park at Netaji Nagar has been done.
    6. N.P. Co. Ed Sr. Secondary School at Netaji Nagar and Laxmi Bai Nagar  have been developed.
    7. Safdarjung Road has been developed.
    8. I-Avenue Road at Sarojini Nagar has been developed.
    9. Rizal Marg at Chanakya Puri has been developed.
    10. Improvement of C&D Crescent Park at Malcha Marg has been completed.
    11. Development of Triangular Plots near Aurobindo Marg at Laxmi Bai Nagar and near Ring Road at Sarojin Nagar both work completed.
    12. 7000 Chrysanthemum pots have been prepared at Circular Road, Rose Garden Nursery and displayed at various locations in NDMC area as well as participated in YWCA Chrysanthemum Flower Show.
    13. The plantation of Bottle Palms at both side verge of Shanti Path has been completed.     
    14. The Bottle Palms at the Roundabout of Shanti Path has been planted.
    15. Hanging Basket at the Roundabout of Shanti Path has been displayed.
    16. Shanti Path from Railway Museum to Ring Road has been developed.
    17. Roundabout at Railway Museum and Segments has been developed.
    18. Herbal Corner/Tulsi Corner has been developed at Lodhi Garden.
    19. Aurangzeb Road and Prithivi Raj Road have been developed.
    20. Approximately 30000 saplings had been developed at Circular Road Nursery and Lodhi Garden Nursery.
    21. Tree Plantation Programe has been organized in phase-wise manner.
    22. Nallah behind Officers Flats at Satya Sadan has been developed.
    23. Fakir Chand Senapati Marg at Moti Bagh has been developed.
    24. Rose Garden, Phase-I at Shanti Path has been developed.
    25. Santusti Park Phase-I at Kamal Attaturk Marg has been developed.
    26. IInd Avenue from Lodhi Road to Jor Bagh Red Light has been developed.