GHAITRA 4, 1915





(Local Self-Government Department)



Delhi, the 15th March, 1993


No. F. 4(29)/91/LSG/3369-The following Bye-laws made by the New Delhi Municipal Committee relating to pasting of Bills and Advertisement framed under Section 188(n) of the Punjab Municipal Act, 1911 (No. ‘3’ of 1911) as in force in the limits of the said Committee having been confirmed by the Lt. Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi under Sub-Section (1) of Section 201 of the said Act are hereby published for general information and they shall come into force on the expiry of six weeks from the date of the publication of this notification in the Delhi Gazetted namely :-





1.                  Short title extent: - (1) These bye-laws may be called the New Delhi Municipal Committee (Pasting of Bills and Advertisements) Bye-laws, 1992

(2)    These shall extend to the areas comprised within the Jurisdiction of the New Delhi Municipal Committee.


2.                  Definitions- In these Bye-laws, unless the context otherwise requires-various expressions have the same meaning as is assigned to them in the Punjab Municipal Act, 1911 as extended to New Delhi Municipal Committee and in particular.


(a)   “advertising sign” means any surface or structure, with characters letters of illustrations applied there to and displayed in any manner whatsoever out of door for purposes of advertising or to give information regarding or to attract the public to any place, person, public performance, article or merchandise whatsoever, and which surface or structure is attached to forms part of or is connected with any building or is fixed to a tree or to the ground or to any pole, screen fence or hoarding or displayed in space.


(b)   “closed sign” means an advertising sign in which at least more than fifty per cent of the area is sold or tightly enclosed or covered.


(c)   “commercial hoarding” means an advertising sign in which the action of calling something in the attention of the public especially by means of printing, exhibiting, painting displaying erecting, fixing retaining upon or over any land, building whether the public or private, or fixed to a tree, or pole, or screen or fence or displayed in space for the purpose of attracting to or boosting the sale of product, property or scheme or which attract the public to buy something;


(d)     “electric sign” means an advertising sign in which the electric fittings, which are an integral part of the sign are used;


(e)   “ground sign” means an advertising sign detached from a building and erected or painted on the ground or on any pole, screen, fence or hoarding and visible to the public;


(f)     “hoarding” means a board a surface or structure which is attached to, forms part of or is connected with any building or is fixed to a tree or to the ground or to any pole, screen, fence or displayed in space out of door for purpose of advertising or to give information regarding or to attract the public to any place person, public performance, article or merchandise whatsoever;


(g)   “illuminated sign” means an advertising sign permanent or otherwise, the functioning of which depends upon its being illuminated by direct or indirect light, and other than an electric sign;


(h)   “marquee sign” means an advertising sign attached to or hung form a marquee or other covered structure  projecting from and supported by the building and extending beyond the building wall, building lane;


(i)     “open sign” means an advertising sign in which at least fifty per cent of the enclosed area is uncovered or open to the transmission of wind;


(j)      “projecting sign” means an advertising sign affixed to any building element and projecting more than thirty centimeters there forms;


(k)   “roof sign” means an advertising sign erected or placed on or above the parapet or any portion of a roof of a building including sings painted on the roof of a building;


(l)      “sign” has the same meaning as “advertising sign”


(m) “sky sign” means an advertising sign displayed in space like :-


(a)      a gas filled ballon mehored to a point on the ground and afloat in the air with or without a streamer of cloth or

(b)      sky-writing that is, a sign or word traced in the atmosphere by smoke discharged from an aeroplane;

(n)  ”street line” means the line defining the side limits of a street;


(o)   structure includes any movable board on wheels used as an advertisement sign or an advertisement medium:


(p)   “temporary sign” means an advertising sign banner or other advertising device constructed of cloth, canvas, fabric or any other light material, with or without a structural iname intended for a limited period of display including decorative displays for holidays or public demonstrations:


(q)   “verandah sign” means an advertising sign attached to, pasted on or hung from a verandah and


(r)     “ wall sign” means an advertising sign other than a projecting sign, which is directly attached or painted or pasted on the exterior surface of structural element of any building.
















3.                 Consideration of urban aesthetics and public safety :-


(1)                 The Committee may regulate in the manner laid down hereinafter the pasting of bills and advertisements and determine the position, size, shape and style of any advertisement sign, including name-board, sign-boards and sign-posters keeping in view the considerations of the aspects of the urban aesthetics, public safety, decency, morality and other relevant factors.


(2)                 Subject to the provisions contained in clause (6) every person who intends to erect, after or display an advertising sign which is regulated by these bye-lays shall make an application to the Committee on the form. As per Appendix to these bye-laws containing such particulars and such amount of advertisement tax as may be required. Such a form shall be signed by the applicant and by the owner of the site upon which such sign is or is to be situated.


(3)                 The Committee may on receipt of an application referred to above sanction with or without modification or sanction subject to certain conditions of refuse to sanction the erection alternation or display of the sign as may be deemed proper and shall communicate the decision to the applicant. It within sixty days of receiving an application the Committee fails to intimate in writing to the applicant the application shall be deemed to have been sanctioned.


(4)                 When a sign has to be altered, information only on such plans and statements as may be necessary, shall be included in the form. However, the changing of movable parts of a sanctioned sign that is designed for such changes shall not be deemed an alteration, if the conditions of the original sanction are not violated.


(5)                 The application shall be submitted through a structural engineer along with necessary drawings and structural calculations.


(6)                 No sanction of the Committee is required to be made for sign and outdoor display structure of the following types :-


(a)               A sign which is exhibited within a window of any building provided that it does not affect the light and ventilation of the building.


(b)               One non-illuminated sign erected over a show window or over the door of a store or business establishment which announces the name of the proprietor and the nature of the business conducted therein, provided that the sign is not more than one meter in height.


(c)               A sign erected by a local body State or Central Government on its building or land which announces the name and the nature of the occupancy.


(d)               Any wall sign erected on a building or structure indicating the name of the occupant of the building, which is not more than half a square meter in area.


(e)               A sign painted on the surface of an enclosure or on a division fence, or on a picket or on an ornamental fence.

(f)                 The erection of maintenance of a sign designing the location of a transit line a rail track station or other public carrier which is not more than half a square meter in area.


(g)               Official warning signs the traffic directions or advertisement posted or displayed by or under the direction of any public officer in the performances of his official duties.


(h)               Direction signs, not exceeding two in number, to places of public amenities such as fire stations, petrol filing stations, hospitals, first-aid posts, police stations or signs relating solely to any historic place, shrine, place of tourist interest, or signs notice etc. erected by Defence Department for information of members of the armed forces or the general public.


(i)                 Signs restricting trespass of property or signs or notices placed so as to show direction to a residence and planted sufficiently away from the carriage way provided that such sign or notice is limited to 0.2 square meter in area.


(j)                  Any sign or advertisement for the purpose of identification direction or warning with respect to the land or building on which it is displayed provided that such sign or advertisement does not exceed .02 square meter is are.


(k)               Advertisement relating to any person, partnership or company separately carrying on a profession, business trade at the premises where any such advertisement is displayed provided that the advertisement does not exceed 0.3 square meter in area in respect of each such person, partnership or company.


(l)                  Advertisement relating to any institution of a religious educational cultural recreational medical or similar character or any hote public house, block of flats, club, boarding house or hostel situated on the land on which any such advertisement is displayed if one advertisement does not exceed 1.2 square meter in area in respect of each such premises.


(m)             Advertisement relating to the sale or letting of the land on which it is displayed, if the area of one such advertisement does not exceed 2 square meter in respect of each such sale or letting.


(n)               Advertisement announcing sale of goods or livestock and displayed on the land where such goods or livestock are situated or where such sale is held, if the are of one such advertisement does not exceed 1.2 square meter.


(o)               Advertisement relating to the carrying out of building or similar work on the land on which they are displayed if the advertisement does not  exceed two square meter in area.


(p)               Advertisement announcing any local event of a religious educational, cultural, political, social or recreational character, nor being an activity promoted or carried on for commercial purpose, if the display of the advertisement does not occupy an area exceeding 0.6 square meter on any premise.












4.                              Loads-All advertising signs shall be so designed as to withstand safely the wind, dad or seismic.


5.                              Illumination- No sign shall be illuminated by other than electrical means, No open spark or flame shall be used for display purposes unless specially approved by the Committee in any case.


6.                              Location – (1) No advertising sign shall be erected constructed and maintained so as to obstruct any pedestrian movement or fire escape or any window or door, or opening used as a means for egress or for the fighting purpose or so as to prevent free passage from one part of a roof to any other part thereof.


(2) No sign shall be erected in any form or shape or manner which will interface with any opening required for lighting and ventilation.


(3) The minimum distance between the two advertisement signs shall be such as may form time to time be determined by the Committee provided that different distances may be determined for different types of sings.


7.                              Use of Combustibles- (1) Wood or plastic or other materials of combustible characteristics similar to wood may be used for mouldings, cappings, nailing blocks, letters and latting and for other purely ornamental features of signs.


(2) Sign facing may be made of combustible materials provided the area of each face is not more than 10 square meters  and the wiring for electric lighting is entirely enclosed in metal conduit and installed with a clearance of not less than 5 centimeter from the facing material.


8.                              Damage by removal- Whether any sign is removed in consequence of a notice or order by the Committee the damage or defacement, if any, to the building or site on or from which, such sign was displayed shall be made good or cause to be made good by the owner of the building or the site as the case may be, to the satisfaction of the Committee.


9.                              Alternation to Ground Level- Whenever any alternation is made to the ground level adjacent to any advertising sign, the owner of the site on which such sign is erected shall be responsible for the alternation of the height of such sign so as to conform to the requirements of these bye-laws.


10.                         Traffic Control Interference- (1) No advertising sign shall be erected or maintained which interferes with or is likely to interfere with any sign or signal for the control of traffic.


(2) No advertisement sign shall be placed particularly in bends and curves so as to obstruct the view of traffic as all interacting street.


11.                         Draining of Signs- Adequate provisions for drainage shall be made in every advertising sign where the possibility of collection of moisture exists.





12.                         Class in Signs- (1) All glasses used in advertising signs, other than glass tubing used in gas discharge, or similar signs shall be of safety glass, the thickness of which is not less than three millimeters. The area of glass panels an advertising signs shall not exceed six square meters, and each panel shall be fixed securely in the body of the sign independently of all other panels.


(2) Glass signs shall be properly protected from the possibility of damage or failing objects by the provisions of suitable protecting metal canopies or by any other means.


13.                         Interference to Fire Hydrants- Advertising Signs shall be so placed as not be obstruct the use of hydrants or other fire fighting appliances.


14.                         Servicing Devices – Ladders platforms hooks, rings and all other devices for the use of servicing personnel shall have safety devices and suitable design loadings.


15.                         Animated Devices-Signs which contain moving section or ornaments shall have fail-safe provisions to prevent the section or ornaments from releasing and falling or shifting its center of gravity more than 45 centimeter.




16.                         Materials- Every electric sign shall be constructed non-combustible material except where the sign is purely a floodlit sign.


17.                         Installation – (1)  No illuminated sign in red, amber or green colours shall be erected or maintained within a horizontal distance of 10 meters of any illuminated traffic sign.

(2) All advertising signs illuminated by light other than a white light at a height of less than two storeys or six meters above the footpath, whichever be the greater height shall be suitable screened so as to satisfactorily prevent any interference with any sign or signal for the control of traffic.


18.                         Intense Illumination – No person shall erect any sign which is of such intense illumination as to disturb the residents in adjacent or nearby residential building.


19.                         Hours of Operation – No electric sign, other than those necessary in the opinion of the Committee in the interest of public amenity, health and safety shall be operated between midnight and sunrise.


20.                         Flashing Occulating and Animated signs- No flashing occulating or animated advertising sign the periodicity of which exceeds 30 flashes to the minute, shall be erected so that the lowest point of such a sign is less than nine meters above the ground level.





21.                         Material- Every ground sign exceeding six meters in height together with frames, support and braces shall be constructed of non-combustible material except the ornamental features and sign facings as provided in bye-law No. 7 above.


22.                         Dimensions- No ground sign shall be erected to a height exceeding nine meters above the ground. Lighting collectors may however extend beyond the top or face of the sign.

23.                         Supports and Anchorage- Every ground sign shall be firmly supported and anchored to the ground. Supports and anchors shall be of treated timber or metal treated for corrosion resistance or masonry or concrete.


24.                         Site Cleaning- The owner of any site on which a ground sign is erected shall be responsible for keeping; such part of the site as is visible from the street, clean, sanitary, unoffensive and free of all ahnoxious substances and unsightly conditions.


25.                         Obstruction to Traffic- No ground sign shall be erected as so as to obstruct free access to or egress from any lding.


26.                         Set back- No ground sign shall be set nearer to the street line than the established building line.


27.                         Bottom Clearance- The bottom line of all ground signs shall be atleast 0.6 meter above the ground but the intervening space may be filled with open lattice work or platform decorative trim.





28.                         Material- Marquee signs shall be constructed entirely metal or other non-combustible materials.


29.                         Height- Such signs shall not exceed two meters in height nor shall they project below the fascia of the marquee nor lower than 2.5 meter above the footpath.


30.                         Length- Marquee signs may extend to the full length but in no case shall they project beyond the end of the Marquee.





31.                         Material- Every projecting sign and its support and frame work shall be constructed entirely of non-combustible material.


32.                         Projection and Height- (1) No projecting sign or any part of its supports or framework shall project more than two meters beyond the building and it shall not project beyond the plot line facing the street. If it projects into the street, it shall be at clear height of three meters from the road.


(2)The axis of all projecting signs shall be at right angels to the main face of the building unless otherwise sanctioned by the Committee.


(3) No projecting signs shall extend above the caves of a foot or above that part of the building face to which it is attached.


  (4) The maximum height of a projecting sign shall be related or above that part of the building to which it is attached in the following manner: -


Height of Building                                                      Maximum height of sign

(a) Not exceeding 4 strays or 18 M             9 M

(b) 5 to 8 storeys or not exceeding 36 M                12 M

(c) Exceeding 8 soreys or 36 M                              15 M




33.                         Supporters and Attachment –(1) Every projecting sigh shall be securely attached to a building so that movement in any direction is prevented by corrosion resistant metal marked, roads, anchors, supports, chaias or wire ropes so designed and arranged that half the number of such flxing devices may safely support the sign under all circumstances.


(2) Staples or nails shall not be used to secure any projecting sign to any building.


34.                         Additional Loads,- Projecting sign structures which could be used to support an individual on a ladder or other servicing device whether or not specifically designed for the servicing device shall be capable of supporting the anticipating additional load but in no case less than 500 kg concentrated horizontal load and 1500 kg vertical concentrated load applied at the pointy of assumed loading or at the point of most eccentric loading. The building component to which the projecting sign is attached shall also be designed to support the additional loads.





35.                         Material- (1) Every roof sign together with its frame, supports and braces shall be constructed of non-combustible material, except the ornamental features and sigh facings as provided in bye-law No. 7 above.


(2) Provision shall be made for electric grounding of all metallic parts and where combustible materials are permitted in letters or other ornament features, all wiring and tubing shall be kept free and insulated therefrom.


36.                         Dimensions- No roof sign shall exceed the following heights on buildings of heights as under: -


              Height of Building                                        Maximum Height of sign

           (a)   Not exceeding four storeys or 18 meters              2 Meter

(b)     Five to eight storeys or exceeding 18

  meters but not exceeding 36 meters                                3 Meter

          (c)   Exceeding eight storeys or 36 metres.                             5 Meter


Explanation- In calculating the height of signs, signs placed one aboce the other or on planes at different levels of the building shall be deemed to be one sigh even if such signs belong to different owners.


37.                         Location – (1) No roof sign shall be so placed on the roof of any building as to prevent free passage from one part of the roof to another.

(2) No roof signs shall be placed on or above, the roof of any building unless the entire roof construction is of non combustible material.


38.                         Projection – No roof of sign shall project beyond the existing building line of the building on which it is erected or shall extend beyond the roof in any direction.




39.             Supports and Anchorage- Every roof sign shall be thoroughly secured and anchored to the building on or over which it is erected and all loads shall be safely distributed to the structural members of the building.





40.                         Committee to regulate sky signs- The Committee shall regulate the sky sings.




41.                         Requirements for temporary signs- (1) Temporary advertising relating to travailing circus and fair signs and decorations during public rejoicing shall be erected so as not to obstruct any opening and to minimize fire risk


(2) The advertisement contained of any such sings shall pertain only to the business, industry, or other pursuit conducted on or within the premises on which such sign is created or maintained.


(3) The maximum size of a temporary sign shall not exceed ten square meters in area.


(4) A temporary advertising sign shall be removed as soon as it is torn or damaged and it any case within fifteen days after its erection.


42.                         Sanctioned of the committee- The following temporary sign shall not be erected without the sanctioned of the Committee: -


(a)   An advertising sign, which is painted on fixed to or between the columns verandah.


(b)   An advertising sign, which projects above on below any fascia, bearer, or beam balustrade of a verandah or balcony.


(c)   An advertising sign which is luminous or illuminated and which is fixed to any fascia bearer, beam or balustrade of any splayed or rounded corner of a verandah or balcony.


(d)   A sign on rocks, hillsides and similar natural features.


(e)   A sign not securely fixed so as to prevent the sign swinging from side to side.


(f)     An advertising sign on a plot used or intended to be used exclusively for residential purposes, other than a bras plate or board preferably not exceeding 60x45 cm. In size, affixed to the fence or entrance door or gate of a dwelling and in the case of a block of flats, affixed to the wait of the entrance hall or entrance door of any flat.


43.                         Removal in the interest of Public amenity, etc.--- The Committee shall be empowered to order the immediate removal of any temporary advertising sign or decoration, where, in its opinion such action is necessary in the interest of the public amenity and safety.


44.                         Material for Poll signs—A poll sign shall be entirely of non-combustible materials and shall conform to the requirement for ground of roof signs laid down is bye-laws Nos. 21 and 35 above, as the case may be such signs may extcial beyond the street line of they comply with the provisions contained in the bye-law No. (7) above.


45.                         Requirement for a banner or cloth sign--- A banner attached to or suspended form the building constructed of cloth or other combustible material shall be securely attached to its support. It shall be removed as soon it is torn or damaged and in no case later than fifteen days after its erection.


46.                         Projection---A temporary sign of cloth or of similar combustible constructions shall not extend more than thirty centimeter over or into a street or other public space:


(c)       Proved that such a sign when constructed without a frame may be supported flat against the face of a canopy or marquee  or may be suspended from the lower facing thereof but shall not extend closer to the footpath than 205 meter.


47.                         Special Sanction by the Committee ---All temporary banners suspended from building or hung on poles, which extend across streets or other public spaces shall be subject to special sanction of the Committee.


48.                         Bill boards of the Committee--- The bill boards set up by the Committee shall be used for temporary signs, symbols bills for entertainment etc.




49.                         Material--- Every verandah sign shall be constructed entirely of non-combustible material, except the ornamental features and sign facings as provided in bye-law No.7 above.


50.                         Dimensions--- No verandah sign shall exceed one meter in height, or 2.5 meters in length or five centimeters in thickness.


51.                         Alignment--- Every verandah sign shall be set parallel to the building line, except that any such sign hanging from a verandah shall be set at right angles to the building line.


52.                         Location--- Verandah signs, other than those which are managing signs may be placed in the following locations:-


(a)   Immediately above the caves of the verandah roof in such a manner as not to project beyond the rear of the roof gutter.


(b)   Against but not above on below the verandah parapet or balustrade provided such parapet or balustrade is solid and the sign does not project more than twenty centimeters from the outside face of such parapet or balustrade.


(c)   On the verandah beams or parapet in the case of painted signs.


53.                         Height of hanging verandah sign--- Every verandah sign managing from a verandah shall be fixed in such a manner that the lowest point of such sign is not less than 2.5 meters above the pavement.


54.                         Projection--- Except as provided in bye-law No. 52 above, no verandah sign shall extend outside the line of the verandah to which it is attached.




55.                         Material--- Every wall sign exceeding four square meters in area shall be constructed of non-combustible except the ornamental features and sign facing as provided in bye-law No.7 above.


56.                         Dimension--- (1) The total area of any wall sign shall not exceed twenty square meters for every fifteen meters of building frontage to the street to which such sign faces, except that in the case of a wall sign consisting only of the name of the theatre or cinema the total area of such sign shall not exceed 200 square meters.


(2) No wall sign which exceeds thirty square meters in area shall be located on any will not directly facing the road, provided that any such sign or sings shall not exceed twenty five per cent of the side wall area visible from the street.


57.                         Projection--- No wall signs shall extend above the top of the wall or beyond the ends of the wall to which it is attached. At any place where pedestrians may pass along a wall any wall sign attached thereto shall not project more than 7.5 centimeters therefrom within a height of 2.5 meters measured from the level of such place.


58.                         Supports and Attachment--- Every wall sign attached to wall shall be securely attached. Wooden blocks or anchorage with wood used in connection with screws, staples or nails shall not be considered proper anchorage except in the case of wall signs attached to walls of wood.








59.                         Maintenance--- All signs together with all their supports, brace, guys and anchors shall be kept in good repair, both structurally and aesthetically and if not galvanized or constructed or corrosion-resistive non-combustible materials, they shall be painted when necessary to prevent corrosion.


60.                         Housekeeping--- It shall be the duty and responsibility of the owner of every sing to maintain the sign and the immediate premises occupied it, in a clean, similarly and healthy condition..


61.                         Inspection--- The Committee shall have a right to inspect every sign.







62.                         Prohibition of signs on certain sites--- Where the Committee is of the opinion that any site is unsuitable for display of advertising signs by virtue of the general characteristics of the locality in regard to historic, architectural, cultural or similar interest or for security reasons, or by virtue of its position or the display of such signs is likely to affect in any way the safety of any form of transport or affect the permitted land-use the erection of advertising sign on such a site shall be prohibited.


63.                         Certain types of signs not to be displayed ---(1) any sign which in the opinion of the Committee is obscene, repulsive revolting or is of an objectionable character or preindicial to the state or Committee or is a sanconing political propaganda or is of a nature calculated to produce pernicious or injurious effect on public or any particular class or persons or is displaced in such a place is such a manner or by any such means as in the opinion of the Committee could be likely to affect iniariously  the antanimes of or to disgure any neighborhood such a sign shall not be allowed to be displayed.

Illuminated advertisements of the following described shall not be allowed.


(i)     Advertisements which contain include or are illuminated by any flashing, intermittent or moving light or lights, except those giving public service information such as time temperature weather or date, subject to the provisions contained in bye-law No. 20.


(ii) Illuminated advertisements of such intensity or brilliance as to cause glare or impair vision of the driver or pedestrians, or which otherwise interfere with any operations of driving; and


(iii) Advertisement illuminated in such a way as to obscure or diminish effectiveness of any official sign device or signal 


(3) If a sign is likely to affect any local amenity or is in such form as will obstruct the path of the pedestrians and hinder, their visibility at crossings or is hung on a board, placard, cloth banner or sheet except traffic sign across a road as to distract the attention of the driver and therefore, hazardous, or is in such a form as will obscure hinder interpretation of any sign signal or other device erected for traffic control or is within 10 meters of the edge pf carriageway or is at or within 50 meters of any road junction bridge or railway crossing or another crossing or is in such manner and at such places as to obstruct or interfere with the visibility of approaching merging or intersecting traffic it shall not be displayed.


(4) Any advertisement on the sides of a foot over bridge or flyover across the carriageways shall be restricted in size and shape so that no part of the advertisement board protects beyond the top bottom and sides of the parapet of foot over bridge of flyover.


64.                         Notice of unsafe and unlawful signs ---(1) When any sign becomes msecure or in danger of falling, or otherwise unsafe or if any sing is installed or erected or maintained in contravention of these bye-laws the owner thereof, or the person or firm maintaining the same shall upon written order or the committee forthwith in the case of immediate danger and in any case within not more than three days, make such sign conform to the provisions of these bye-laws or shall remove it. If within three days the order is not complied with, the Committee may remove such sign at the expenses of the owner.


(2) Notwithstanding the above, it shall be the responsibility of the owner to ensure the safety of the advertising sign.


65.                         Area of Special control—(1) Where in the opinion of the Committee it is likely that any advertising device may aftect injuriously or disfigure any particular area, it may, by notification in the official gazette declare such area as an of special control.


(2) The erection and display of any advertising sign in are of special control shall be prohibited or restricted any manner deemed necessary by the Committee.






66.                         Power to delegate functions of Committee. The Committee may be by resolution direct that any power conferred or any duty imposed on it by these bye-laws shall in such circumstances and under such conditions if any as may be specified in the resolution be exercise and performed also by the Secretary or by any municipal officer or other municipal employees specified in the resolution.


67.                         Penalty for breach of bye-laws---- Whoever conravences any provision of any these bye-laws or fails to comply with any order or direction lawfully given to him shall be punishable.


(a)   With the which may extend to two hundred rupees, and when the breach is a continuing breach with a further fine which may extend to one hundred rupees from every day after the first during which the breach continues: or


(b)   In lieu of or in addition to such line, as is referred to in (a) above, the Committee may cause the sign to be removed at the cost of the contravenor.


68.                         Repeal--- (1) Ass from the commencement of these bye-laws the bye-laws in force within the limits of New Delhi Municipal Committee relating to pasting of bills and advertisement shall stand repeated.

(2) Notwithstanding such repeal, every action taken/license granted under the said bye-laws and in force immediately before the commencement of these bye-laws shall continue in force after such commencement for the un-expired portion, if any, if the period for which it has been granted.



By Order and in the name of the

                                                     Lt. Governor of the National

                                               Capital Territory of Delhi


G.I MEENA, Under Secy. (L.S.G)















1.         Type of sign__________________________________


2.                  Location_____________________________________


(a)   Building/premises_________________________

(b)   Location of building/premises with respect to neighboring



3.                 Dimensions and details of the sign._________________


4.                 Materials used for different parts___________________


5.                 Electrical and lighting details ______________________


6.                 Structural details showing also supporting framework


and anchorage _________________________________


7.                 Mode of operation _______________________________



Name and address of the applicant






Name and address of owner

of the building/premises



Signature _______________                                 Signature___________________


Date___________________                                 Date_______________________


Note –1



Entry No.2--- Please attach a location plan indicating the position of the sign on the site drawn to a scale of 1:20 or an exact multiple thereof in ink or on prints including, if necessary, and elevation showing the sign in relation to the façade.


Entry No. 3--- and 5--- Full specification showing the length height and weight of the sign, the location where it is to be erected the manufacturers name and address and where applicable the number of lights and clerical details of the same.


Entry No. 6--- In the case of roof signs projecting sings or ground signs, please also give the size of all members of supporting frameworks and anchorages and the necessary design calculations.


Note-2 Please also give other particulars as may be necessary under bye-law Nos. 4 to 15 (both including).