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New Delhi Municipal Council                          |  Budget 2019 – 20
        secondary and senior  secondary schools of NDMC and 4 specially-abled
        friendly open gyms will be commissioned in the year 2019-20.

        3.23   Modular Rainwater Harvesting
        For the purpose of conservation of rain water, Modular  Type Rain  Water
        Harvesting (RWH) Pits (Copolymer based, Crosswave rainwater harvesting
        technology) as  advised by the Central Ground  Water Board  (CGWB) are
        installed by NDMC.  There are  295 RWH pits exist in NDMC area.  Total
        recharging capacity of  these RWH is  62.37 lakhs liters. In order to ensure
        conservation of Rainwater further, NDMC will develop 60 more modular
        RWH systems in public places  including parks and gardens.

        3.24   Development of Happiness Areas

        3.24.1 Streets are the fundamental public space in every city, the life blood of
        social and economic exchange.  Yet today, more and more streets are simply
        choked with car traffic vying for space with pedestrians and bicyclists.  No
        one ‘wins’ this game.  Place making promotes a simple principle.  If you plan
        cities for cars and traffic, you get cars and traffic.  If we plan for people and
        places, we get people and places. With the right balance, streets can
        accommodate vehicles and become destinations worth visiting public parks
        where all people feel safe to play and relax can relieve stress.

        3.24.2 A green area is a safety valve, where people can find breathing space.
        A great roundabout can be a local point of NDMC pride and help to make
        visitors and citizens feel connected to nature.

        3.24.3 The power of 10 facilities in developing public places will be our core
        principle of offering a variety of things to do in one spot – making a place
        more than the  sum of  its  parts. A park is good.   A park with a fountain,
        playground and open gyms is better.  If there is a library across the road, that’s
        better still, even more so if they feature storytelling hours for kids and exhibits
        on local history, if there is a sidewalk nearby, a bus stop, a bike path, and an
        ice cream stand, then you have what most people would consider great place.

        3.24.4 Therefore, NDMC developed roundabouts, parks and gardens, public
        places in NDMC area  as ‘places’ and planned around major public
        destinations, which act as civic pride, social connection and human happiness

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