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What are the documents required for sanction of permanent/temporary electric connection?

  1. Request from the Consumer on the prescribed application form.

  2. ID Proof of Consumer

  3. Proof of Legal Occupancy (any one)

    1. Copy of latest paid house tax receipt.

    2. Copy of registered Sale Deed.

    3. Copy of License Deed/Lease Agreement/Rent Agreement/NOC of the Land Loard, alongwith copy of latest paid house tax receipt.

These can be downloaded from NDMC web site i.e. & for any clarification the applicant may contact at 011-23340634, 011-24105953.

Within how much time an electric connection is sanctioned?

(a)Temporary electric connectionWithin 3 days, the applicant’s provided documents are submitted.
(b)Permanent new electric connectionWithin 8 days, the applicant’s provided documents are submitted.

Is consumer need to pay for replacement of old existing damaged LT service cable?

Yes, if it is being replaced on the request of the consumer.

If I come across unauthorized electricity tapping, where should I report?

  1. NDMC call centre -> 49993555.

  2. Office of EE (D/N) -> 011-23340634, +91-7290067065

  3. Office of EE (D/S) -> 011-24105953, +91-9810751644

  4. Office of EE (Comml.) -> +91-9811255211.

What punitive action is contemplated for unauthorized extension of electricity connection or electricity theft & overloading?

For overloading & an unauthorized extension, a misuse charge @ 50% of the consumption charges is levied, and for theft, police action will be initiated.

Is electricity tariff different for the domestic and commercial consumers?


What is the difference between domestic electric tariff and commercial electricity tariff?

DomesticFixed Energy Charges
0-200 units20Rs/kw/month325/paisa/ KWh
201-400 units20Rs/kw/month460/paisa/ KWh
401-800 units20Rs/kw/month600/paisa/ KWh
801-1200 units20Rs/kw/month675/paisa/ KWh
Above 120020Rs/kw/month800/paisa/KWh
Upto 10KW75Rs./KW/Month760 paisa/KWh
More than 10KW Less than and Upto 100KW90Rs./KVAMonth805paisa/KVAh

Domestic and commercial tariff can be downloaded from NDMC website :-

What are the norms for disconnecting a temporary and permanent electric connection?

  1. Request from the consumer.

  2. Expiry of sanction endorsing validity.

  3. ID proof of the consumer.

  4. Latest paid electricity bill.

  5. Non payment of electricity bill.

What are the norms for getting refund of security deposit against temporary electric connection and permanent electric connection?(Request from the consumer)

  1. Original receipt of security deposit.

  2. Receipt of latest paid of Electricity bill.

  3. ID proof of consumer.