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Where to request for pruning of trees?

  1. 1. Contact: 011-23348300/1, 49993555
    Remarks: light pruning can be done by NDMC (upto 20cm. girth).

  2. 2. Contact: 011-026044711
    For heavy pruning - Application may be send to Deputy Conservator of Forest (DCF)-South, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Near Karni Singh Shooting Range, Tughlakabad, New Delhi, through Horticulture Department NDMC.

  3. 3. Contact: 011-026044711
    Private property in NDMC area - Application sent directly to DCF (South).

What is the time required for pruning after a request is made?

Depend upon the requirement:
Light Pruning = 03 days.
Heavy pruning = Pruning to be done within 30 days after receiving of permission from Forest Department Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

What is the quantum of pruning that done by NDMC?

NDMC can do only light pruning up to 20cm to remove overgrown branches from street lights, traffic lights, signage and to balance a tree.

From whom I can take such permission?

Deputy Conservator of Forest (DCF)-South, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Near Karni Singh Shooting Range, Tughlakabad, New Delhi

Is there any application form prescribed for pruning/felling of a tree? If yes, where it will be available?

Yes, Form-B is prescribed form that available at the website. Online application for tree Felling/Pruning can be submitted at

How long does it take to get a permission for felling tree after submitting an application?

It depends upon the survey/inspection of Forest Officers as permission will be given by Forest Department.

If I come across unauthorized tree cutting, where should I report?

DCF (South), Forest Department, GNCTD, Delhi, Delhi Police/Concerned Horticulture Department, subject to jurisdiction.

Whom should I contact in case of collapse of a tree due to storm and rains?

For Government property, one needs to contact Municipal Authority. And, in case of private property, owner is responsible for the removal of the same.

What punitive action should be contemplated for an unauthorized tree felling?

The action will be taken by Forest Department/Police under Tree Preservation Act-1994.

What are the rates of saplings at NDMC’s Nursery?

NDMC Nurseries produce saplings for departmental use only that use for plantations at various sites and display etc. NDMC does not produce saplings for sale.

How many trees should be there along the roads?

Depends upon space, species of tree to be planted and length of road.

What are the activities undertaken by Horticulture Department?

Horticulture Department of NDMC undertakes following activities: -

  1. Maintenance of lawn - Grassing, watering, weeding, mowing, manuring, removal of horticultural waste etc.

  2. Plantation & Maintenance of Shrubs - Preparation of beds, plantation, watering, weeding, hoeing, shaping etc.

  3. Plantation & Maintenance of Trees - Digging of pits, filling with mixture, plantation, watering, hoeing, protection with tree guard, shaping etc.

  4. Maintenance of Hedges, Edges, Topiaries, Features etc.

  5. Plantation with themes for welfare and recreation of public and to provide healthy environment viz. Herbal Corner, Butterfly Section, Fragrant Corner, Yoga Corner.

  6. Sowing and maintenance of seasonal flowers - Preparation of seedlings, transplantation, weeding, watering, hoeing, pinching, disbudding, time to time gap filling etc.

  7. Preparation of Plant Material - Collection of seed/cuttings, preparation of mixture, filling of P. Bags/pots, treating with root hormones, plantation, air layering, watering, potting, re-potting, preparation of potted plants for participation in various flower shows and display purposes, time to time treatment with fungicides, insecticides etc.

  8. Disaster Management - Immediate disposal of uprooted trees/broken branches during heavy winds/squalls.

  9. Pruning of Trees - Removal of branches from Street Light, Traffic Signals, Signage and pruning up to permissible limits for balancing the tree.

  10. Time to time inspection and treatment of greenery with fungicides, insecticides, filling with cavity.

  11. Preparation of proposals, supervision and execution of various development works.

  12. Floral Decoration on various occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, New Year and during visits of various international dignitaries including premiers of different countries.

How much area is maintained by Horticulture Department of NDMC?

Horticulture Department maintains 1354-acre area.

What are the activities of Plant Protection Cell?

Disposal of complaints received from various sites by treating the ailing trees/plants, surgery of hollow trees, washing of avenue trees under whole NDMC area.

Any extra activity/participation by Horticulture Department?

  1. Department participates in various Flower Shows held in Delhi and NCR viz. Chrysanthemum Show (YWCA), Indraprastha Flower Show, Garden Festival (Delhi Tourism), Noida Flower Show, Rose Show, Bougainvillea Show etc.

  2. Department also organizes NDMC Flower Show.

  3. Department conducts various training programmes for staff of NDMC as well as other departments like MCD, DDA, Delhi Police etc. at School of Gardening (PQN).