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1. What is the procedure to apply for Health Trade License under different section in NDMC Area?

(i) For eating/lodging/boarding house u/s 327, 331 & 332, the applicant need to apply on MHA Portal i.e.;
(ii) For other trade i.e. Take Away, Laundry, Swimming Pool, Hawkers, Water Trolly, Stall/Kiosk, Tea Shop etc. u/s 325, 327, 331 & 332 the applicant need to apply on NDMC Portal i.e.

2. What documents required for Grant/Renewal of Health License?

For Grant of Health Licence/Renewal of Health License (As per Office Order vide No. 278/Director (HL) dated 22/01/2019, following documents are required to upload on Portal)
(i) Duly filed application form as per On Line Portal;
(ii) Pan Number/ TIN No.;
(iii) Proof of ownership of property (Tenancy/ Lease Deed/ Regd. purchase deed/ partnership deed/ incorporation of company);
(iv) Latest Electricity and Water Bill copy;
(v) NOC from Fire Department wherever applicable. In case where such NOCis not required, the units in particular small units like shops/kiosks etc. as a mandate should install working fire safety equipments/extinguishers to deal with fire safety issues ;
(vi) Receipt of the property tax deposit from private properties owners/lease holders (last financial year dues paid);
(vii) Receipt of the license fees for properties leased by NDMC;
(viii) Sitting Plan;
(ix) Sanctioned Building Plan;
(x) Medical certificate of their respective staff duly approved by any government hospital or Food Handler Unit of NDMC would also be uploaded on yearly basis for continuation of their health licence on the NDMC website for record purpose of Health License.
(xi) Undertaking/Self declaration as prescribed;
(xil) Functioning of ETP with photographs in respect of restaurants and eating houses.

For renewal of license, no document required except old copy of license and prescribed undertaking, valid FHU and Fire NOC required, wherever applicable.

3. What is procedure to examine/process of Health License application?

As per Council decision, at the time of grant of fresh license to any applicant, comments from various departments like EBR, Architect, Estate-1811, Tax, Enforcement Department, etc. are required to protect the interest of Council. These departments while granting their no objection ensure that no unauthorized constructions is there in subject premise and legitimate dues are being paid on time besides maintaining proper sanitary conditions from Health point of view which is examined by CMO (PH) of area while deciding the application.

4. How can applicant submit the license fees?

Through Demand Draft/Online Payment after getting message on registered mobile/email through On Line.

5. Can Health License given by NDMC be revoked?

Yes, Health License is liable to be revoked in case Health License conditions are found to be violated as per section 331 of NDMC Act.

6. Is Restaurant/Trade of licensable items can be run without Health License in NDMC area?

No, it is statutory requirement to have license from NMC before operation of licensable trade in NDMC area. The premise is liable to be sealed without health license according to section-333 of the NDMC Act, 1994.

7. Who is Competent to issue Health Authority License?

Director(Health License) is competent to issue.

8. What is the time limit to decide the application for the Health License?

Normally one month time is required for decision of Health License Applications after completing all documents.