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Where is the veterinary hospital located?

The veterinary hospital is located at Moti Bagh New Delhi.

What are the working hours of the hospital?

Working hours of the hospital are as follows:

  1. (i) OPD Services
    • On all working days
    • 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM
    • On Sunday & Holidays
    • 9.00 AM to 12.00 AM

  2. (ii) Surgery : 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM

  3. (iii) X-ray    : 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM

  4. (iv) Office
    • Monday to Friday:9.00 AM to 4.00 PM
    • Saturday:9.00 Am to 1.00 PM
    • Closed on Sundays & Holidays

Does veterinary hospital function in the night?

OPD Services are from 08:00AM to 08.00 PM on working days and services are not available in the night.

Which animals can be treated in the veterinary hospital ?

Small quadruped pet animal can be treated in the veterinary hospital.

Are Injured/sick cow, buffaloes treated at the Hospital ?


Is in-patient service available for cattle ?


What is the registration fee?

Rs. 50/- per dog/per annum. (dog tax token issued to the pet, which is valid for one year)

Is ambulance service or any other transport service available for bringing animal to OPD ?


If an animal is found severly injured in an accident, where do we need to go ?

There are NGOs for this work like Cow trust, Kamdhenu and Love for cow working in Delhi.

Can one get information about animal breeding, and food habits ?

Yes. During OPD Timings.

There are stray animals/dogs around my residential area. Where should I make a complaint?

ABC Society Office: 011-24672161, +91-8750034187.
Control room of NDMC : Toll Free Number:1533.

Why are stray dogs not being removed?

As per orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court in Special Leave Application No. 691/2009 titled Animal Welfare Board of India vs. People of Elimination of Stray Troubles & Ors., shifting/relocation of stray dogs is not allowed.

The Ministry of Culture, Government of India has notified Animal Birth Control (Dogs Rules) 2001 vide gazette notification No. of 929 dated 24.12.2001.

To control the street dogs population, NDMC is working as per the provisions of the Animal Birth Control (Dogs Rules) 2001, and has constituted Palika ABC Society on 18.02.2005.

If Apes/monkeys turn up in our premise and cause nuisance, what should be done to control them ?

Please inform at:

  1. (i) ABC Society Office: 011-24672161/ +91-8750034187

  2. (ii) Control room of NDMC : Toll Free Number:1533.