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General Administration Department comprises of General Branch, Central Registry Branch, Caretaking Branch, Old Record Room, Livery Store, Printed & General Stationary Store.


The General Administration Branch deals with the following:- 
1. Procurement of computer stationery/general stationery/printed stationery, office furniture and office equipments viz. photocopier and fax machines, etc. 
2. Procurement of livery items. 
3. Allotment of Space to various officers and staff. 
4. Naming/re-naming of roads/streets in NDMC area. 
5. Providing of telephone service and payment of telephone bills 
6. Custody of Resolutions passed by the Council. 
7. The work relating to Elections/General Elections/ Census maintenance of Central Record Room. 
8. Central registry responsible for receipt and dispatch of Dak 
9. Canteen facility at Palika Kendra and Vidyut Bhawan. 

Recently the GA Department had started online indenting system and currently all the indenting by various departments of NDMC is done trough online indenting system. In future, the stock entry and issue will be based on barcode and no item which is not of GS-I specifications will be taken into stock inventory. 

The various departments of NDMC have appointed their designated nodal officers for placing online indent with the GA Department. 

The PIO under RTI Act for General Administration Department is Smt. Radha Chaudhary, Dy. Director, and his office is located at Room No. 1118, 11th Floor, Palika Kendra, New Delhi.