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The E-BR department is responsible for detecting and taking necessary action for stopping, sealing and demolition of unauthorized construction in private properties in NDMC area. The supervision of all the work going on / taken place with prior permission of NDMC. The construction without sanction of building plan or any deviation from the sanction/completion plan are treated as unauthorized construction. The action under section 248, 247 and 250 of NDMC Act 1994, are being taken against the unauthorized construction. Field staff of E-BR department regularly inspect the area and take the action against unauthorized construction as per law. Complaints are also received from senior officers, Police Station, L.G. Office, Public Grievance Monitoring System (PGMS), Zoom portal of NDMC or written complaints directly in EBR department. The complaints received in the department regarding unauthorized construction are immediately checked/inspected at site for further action being taken accordingly.