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Citizen's Responsibilities

Citizen's responsibility in prevention of Dengue/Malaria

Role of Citizen's in prevention of Water Borne Diseases

The citizens are responsible for disposal of garbage and wastes generated by them. The NDMC plans to take stringent action against the defaulters under the provisions of New Delhi Municipal council Act 1994.

As per the directions of Supreme Court, NDMC will challan its citizens' who violate the instructions issued by the NDMC to keep city neat, clean and beautiful with a spot fine of Rs. 50/- for waste generation on public streets, parks and places. The NDMC seeks cooperation of the citizens that :

No person shall in any public street or public place deface or write upon or otherwise mark any building, monument, post, wall, tree or other thing.

Section 308(1)(a)(v)

No citizen shall use or permit to be used as a latrine or urinal any place not intended for the purpose.

Section 308 (1)(i)

No citizen shall let loose their animal so as to cause or negligently allow any animal to cause injury, danger, alarm or annoyance to any person.

Section 308 (1)(g)

No citizens' shall allow their animal to stray in a public street or public place without a keeper.

Section 308 (3)

No citizen shall deposit any building material in any public street and public place.

Section 229 (1)(b)

No citizen shall tether or milk any animal or cause or permit the same to be tethered or milked in any public street or any public place.

Section 227 (1&2)

No citizen shall place or deposit upon any street or public place etc. Anything that causes obstruction or encroachment.

Section 225 (1)

No person shall, without previous disinfections, dispose of any article or thing exposed to contamination by any dangerous disease.

Section 292

Citizen shall take all reasonable means to prevent child under 12 yrs from easing in Public Street or Public place.

Section 308 (2)

The citizen will not litter the public streets, parks, public places and unoccupied land, urinate, defecate in public places, and throw garbage in public places except in Municipal garbage bins so provided.

Section 308 (1) (c)

It is the responsibility of the Citizen to deposit the waste collected in their own receptacles at NDMC dust bins, responsibility of owner to have their won premises swept and cleaned.

Section 264 (a&b)

The citizen will provide receptacles of self-closing type within their premises for their waste collection.

Section 264 (c)

No citizen shall place or caused to be placed I a dustbin any matter, which has been exposed to infection from a dangerous disease.

Section 296 (c)

The owner or occupier of any premises used for commercial ventures shall make arrangement for collection of their waste within their own premises and will remove the same at their own into Municipal bin or sanitary land fill sites.

Section 266 (a)

No person shall hawk or expose for sale in any places any articles what so ever whether it be for human consumption or not.

Section 330 (a)

No person shall keep horses, cattle or other quadruped animals or birds in their premises for transportation, sale, hire or sale of their produce.

Section 327 (c)

No person shall use or permit to be used their premises for any trade which is dangerous to life, property or likely to create a nuisance.

Section 327(b)

No person shall keep or allow to be kept garbage inside the premise for more than 24 hrs.

Section 267 (1)

No citizen shall allow from their premises the water of any sink, drain, latrine or urinal to run down on any street or into any drain.

Section 276 (2)