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Achievements :

The pass percentage of class X up from 51% (2002-03) to 64% (2005-06).  Class XII results up from 74% to 82% during the same period.

Scholarships awarded to over 250 children from a total amount of Rs.5.1 Lacs. This includes Rs.500/- per month for two years for all girls students scoring more than 60% marks in class-X examination.

Free meals to all students of Nursery & Primary level.

Free Text Books for all students up to class VIII and for girl students from class-IX to XII.

Free Uniforms designed by NIFT is being provided to all students from Nursery to Class-XII.

Computer Labs have been established covering all NDMC/Navyug Sr. Sec. to Middle level.

Meritorious/Consolation Awards by cash payment for topper students in the Board Examination of Class-X & XII.  The number has increased from 126 to 196 in the last 2 years.

BALA : With the technical assistance of UNICEF, the concept of BALA, “Building as a Learning Aid” is introduced in 10 NDMC & Navyug schools.

YUVA: Adolescent Education Training imparted to all Teachers during Summer Vacation through SSA.

Self Defence: The Training imparted to all girls child from class IV onward.

RitinjaliTraining Programmes for Nursery to primary Heads of Schools including school appraisal.

First Aid Training : workshop conducted by ST. John Ambulance  to all Heads of NDMC/Navyug Schools along with the Teachers from each school.

13. Fire fighting Equipments: Provided in all 52 school Buildings.

14. Night Classes for out of school children with the help of an




(i) Switching over to English as Medium of Instruction & Teaching.

 NDMC primary schools to be converted to English medium in phased manner and wherever any interested applicant is there for education in Hindi/Punjabi/Urdu medium, special sections for these languages shall be opened to meet the statutory requirements.


(ii)        Change in curriculum

Presently SCERT books are being used in NDMC schools. It is proposed that these may be changed to NCERT publication which is also being used inKendriya Vidyalayas. This change  will also make NDMC primary schools parallel to Navyug Schools. It is pertinent to note here that Bengali School, which is the best performing NDMC School is already following English medium and NCERT books at Primary Level.


(iii)       Qualitative improvement in class X and Class  XII results.


1.      For increasing the overall numbers of students scoring more than 80 and 90% marks in CBSE, ability sections to be opened from Class IX in which students scoring more than 80% marks in common exam of Class VIII shall be admitted. This ability section for Class IX shall be opened one at NP Bengali Girls Sr. Sec. School, Gole Market  and the other at NP  Girls Sr. Sec. School, Gole Market   from the current academic year.


2.      For Class XI ability sections shall be created from current academic year for students scoring more than 80% marks in Class X. On experimental basis an ability section for science be opened at NP Bengali Girls Sr. Sec. school Gole Market  and at NP Girls  Sr. Sec. Gole Market for Commerce Section,  where class room and infrastructure is available.  In these schools special arrangements for extra coaching for the preparation of Public entrance examination for



3.      engineering and medical colleges from professional colleges who are already engaged in this field would be provided to students free of cost.


(iv)             42 more schools would be covered under BALA (Building as a Learning Aid) Project in 2007-08.

(v)               Computer Aided Education will be introduced in Primary schools.

(vi)             Mini Stadium at Mandir Marg & Laxmi Bai Nagar to provide better sports facilities.

(vii)           Professional sports coaching for Cricket, Volley Ball, Hockey, Judo and Gymnastics.

(viii)         Expansion of Welfare Schemes.

(ix)             Revamping/reorganization of existing organizational set up of Education Department.