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Main Achievement during 2015-16

Call Centre (49993555)

  • TOLLFREE 1533
  • Available 24x7
  • Handling customer queries, complaint and feedback calls in Hindi and English.
  • Tagging each call in the CRM.
  • Acknowledgment and respective response through net/SMS and outbound calls.
  • Three shifts.


Grievance Handling


  • Easy to use and install
  • Grievance Reporting : To report issues which are faced by a Citizen in/around his/ her area
  • Contact us: Feature to discover, contact details for different department like Water, Electricity, Garbage Collection etc.
  • Settings: Feature to store your contact details so that the citizen is not bothered to fill this in every time. He can chose to be anonymous too.


Cloud based Mobile application
It has following sub-modules :

i)        Field work monitoring module: SmartCity-311 is a Mobile App for officers, which they use to report day-to-day field inspections for various categories/departments. This module enables them to capture a photo of the location, get GPS Information of the location, which automatically tags its respective circles and zones. Using this module, senior officers and the management team of the municipalities, can track down the progress in the field reported. The messaging / commenting system of this application enables them to make task specific communication with officers concerned about that particular issues/complaints.

ii)       GPS Attendance Module: Using this modules, Sr. Official can track down information regarding the attendance of field staff based on GPS coordinates and the exact location and time of the staff can be known. This can be used to ascertain whether a staff has visited the area of inspection/ event place.

iii)      GPS Road Checking Module: This is a mobile solution for field technicians and road inspectors to electronically replace paper-based information, regarding materials testing, road construction, inspection activities as well as Geotechnical investigations. This feature enables field data collection on the most handheld devices, ie. Smart phones and tablets - iPhone and Android.

iv)      Project Tracking Module: This module enables the field engineering staff to pursue and manage physical and financial progress of government projects (for e.g. Drainage or Water supply.) It's simple user interface allows to capture critical information in just a few steps.

v)       Enforcement e- Challan Module: This module enables the field staff to file Enforcement Challans directly from their mobile device, these can be directly sent offender via SMS/ Whatsapp/ Email/ Photo.  At other End Magistrate will be able to see all Challans on Mobile devices or Tablets.

D)      Street Light Maintenance System –  Intelligent Program for Maintaining Integrated Street Light & Energy System (iPromise)

It’s a web & mobile based solution for street light maintenance system with following features:

  • Asset Management & Asset Grouping based society, streets, circles and zones.
  • Geo-fencing Module for easy routing of complaints.
  • GPS based Streetlight Staff & Contractors Street Light Vehicle Attendance system.
  • History card of each streetlight pole/fitting/etc.
  • Mobile based Field Staff App.
  • Mobile based Field Staff App for municipality’s employees.
  • History card of each street light poles/ fitting etc.
  • Detailing of complaints and mapping with feeder pillar / poles for generating complaint history.
  • Calculation of penalty to be charged to contractors for delays beyond specified time limit.
  • Inventory Management.

E)      VBD-Tracker (Vector Borne Disease)
The purpose of VBD-Tracker solution is to enable the officials of the Health Department to regulate and ensure compliance, perform Inspection and enforce all the activities for prevention and control of vector & water borne diseases.

F)      School Dashboard
Using this module NDMC schools will be able to track below information:
i.        Basic Details of schools, school types,
ii.       Number of students & number of teachers in each schools
iii.      School master to track infrastructure in each schools.
iv.      School performances for each classes
v.       School results
vi.      Stream wise results
vii.     Subject wise results
viii.    Students scoring patterns to analyze quality.
ix.      School dashboard.


  Operational Automation Systems for Electricity and water Bill

To serve its customers better, NDMC plans to have end to end integrated IT system in place to comply with regulatory reporting requirements and operations like Availability Based Tariff (ABT), Energy exchange, Open Access, SAIDI, CAIDI, SAIFI, CAIFI, MAIFI, CEMI, CEMSMI, Crew duration by Job etc and to meet the DERC requirements. IT Solutions for NDMC are proposed to eliminate inefficiencies from operations, so that NDMC can reduce costs and maximize the output and reliability of assets going forward. IT department, NDMC has awarded the work for implementation of Operational Automation Systems for Power, Commercial, Electricity and Other Departments of NDMC. The major modules of the project are given as under:-

    • Asset Management System
    • Meter Data Management
    • Load Analysis System
    • Energy Accounting System
    • Forecast system
    • Profile and settlement system (ABT)
    • Billing and customer Care system
    • Electric Network Management system
    • Mobile Work Force Management System


Automation of NDMC Utilities :

    • CC& B: Customer Care and Billing handles every aspect of utility Services like:
          • Electricity
          • Water
          • Property Tax
          • License
    • MWM: Mobile Workforce Management is an integrated, end-to-end solution that improves communication between operations and field-personnel optimizing the entire service chain.
    • MDM: MDM (Meter Data Management) modules provide different functionality to manage meter read data for Electricity & water Consumers.
    • WAM: Work and Asset Management is a leading asset , work, and supply chain management application that addresses many mission-critical functions for Electricity & Information Technologies Department.

Geographical Information System (GIS)

    • 2282 acres of NDMC area covered under the Road and Street Survey project


    • All visible assets like trees, manholes, street lights, storm water drain, bollards, signages, transformers, feeder pillars etc are put on GIS platform through a unique coding system.The GIS map is available on NDMC Portal for citizen.


 Digitization of Maps and Building Plans of Architect Departments

  • Continuous process  of scanning of Building Plans , maps  of the architect department in Scanning Unit , Basement , Palika Kendra


  • Over 22,000  Building Plans have been scanned till date.

 Digitization of Old Proceedings of PR Department .

  • The Process has been started for scanning of Old Proceedings of council meetings since 1931.


  • Till date proceedings   till 1964 have been scanned

 Digitization of Old Records of Finance Department .

  • Digitization of Old Records of Finance Department from 1996 to 2000 completed another in under process.


 Computerization of old Birth & Death records: -

The old Birth & Death records (approx. 9 Lacs) from 1982 to 2008 have been computerized for Health Department. The computerization of old Birth & Death records (approx. 11 Lacs) from 1928 to 1981 is under progress. Twelve hospitals are connected online with NDMC and submitting online B&D records.

Documents Management System

  • Benefits of DMS
  • Virtual Office Information Works
  • Designed for Use on Muti-User Networks
  • Access To All data Types
  • Permanent Protection
  • Organize Data To Allow Easy Retrieval Through Simple or Complex User Searches.
  • Out Performs the Competition With Faster and Easier Menu-Driven Options.
  • Multiple Levels of Security.

 Implementation of e-SLA System for NDMC

Following Services runs under Service Level Agreement

Sr. No.

Service Name

Department Name

Time Given by Govt. for delivery


Issuance of Birth Certificate


7 working days


Issuance of Death Certificate


7 working days


Booking of Parks


30 days


Booking of Community Halls


1 day


New Electricity Connection (domestic)


35 days


New Water Connection (domestic)


35 days


Building Plan Approval


60 days


Health License


60 days


Surrender of supply of Electricity connection(domestic)


35 days


Bifurcation of  Load


35 days


Load Enhancement of Electricity Connection (upto 10kw)


35 days


Load reduction of Electricity Connection (domestic)


35 days


E-financial systems

Property Tax Information System

Building approval plan:-

The Architecture of adopted solution must support implementation of end-to-end business processes as per the requirement of NDMC. Main Benefits that NDMC expects from the proposed system are:

• Applicants who seek permission or approval from NDMC for a building plan approval will be able to do so in a transparent and convenient way.
• The system will speed up the procedure of receiving and approving building plans
• The information of the pending application at each stage will be available through the system
• It will guide the applicant about the regulations and generate scrutiny reports
• An automated system will associate documental data with Building drawings for automatic scrutiny of building proposal by reading AutoCAD® drawings. It will automate the lengthy and cumbersome manual process of checking the development regulations, thus reducing paper work, valuable time and effort of Architect Department of NDMC. It will also help in attaining the e-Governance by supplying all electronic versions of the documents and in standardizing the building drawing plan process.


Office Automation System (e-Office)

  • E-File system
  • File Monitoring System (Physical as well as Electronic File).
  • Letter Monitoring System (Dispatch & Diary work).
  • Proper channel routing.
  • Tracking of physical files.
  • Employee Information system (EIS)
  • Service Record
  • Leave Account Management
  • Income Tax statement
  • Salary Slip & Form – 16, HBA Details, Loans
  • Travel & Training Management system
  • Employee Identity, Skill set, contact details, posting and location.
  • Other relevant details may be incorporated.
  • Court case management system (CCMS)
  •     Knowledge Management System (KMS)
  • To track and store Electronic documents and/or images of paper documents i.e. online repository.
  • Access to critical database for authorized users.
  • Collaboration and Messaging Services (CAMS)
  • Scheduling appointments meetings, events & conventions etc.


Other Online Services

  • Digitization of   NDMC Maps
  • Property Tax information system
  • Billing and Customer Care System.
  • Central store of Electricity Department, Medical Services Department and IT Department are using the application and the data of all the electricity and commercial department have been captured.
  •  Estate department is also being trained to use the applications as parallel billing is also being generated
  •  Implementation of e-procurement system
  •  e-Service Level Agreement (E-SLA implementation)
  •  NDMC web portal.
  • Project Monitoring System.
  • Bio-metric Attendance System.
  • Medical bill reimbursement system.
  • Advertisement Management System.
  • Online Recruitment Management System.
  • Online Mobile Dispensary Management System.
  • RWA Grievance Management System.
  • Council Resolution Management System.
  • Online Vendor Payment Status.
  • Online Yellow Fever vaccination appointment.
  • Library Management System.
  • E-Office (Developed by NIC & maintained by IT)
  • E-litigation Developed by NIC & maintained by IT)

Achievements 2002- 07 :


Computerization in NDMC: Installed computers in various departments, offices and various NDMC schools.          


Networking: Setting up of IT Networks/ LAN/ WAN/ Intranet/ Internet/e-Mail, Web Portal, Anti-virus/ Security, etc in all establishments/ offices of NDMC.


Computer Training: Basic level and advance level training was provided to nearly 850 NDMC employees at various levels.


Software Development: Design & Development of customized Software for various departments of NDMC such as Health Deptt. (For issuances of Birth & Death Certificates (even online capturing of records directly from various hospitals) Health Licensing Module), Civil Deptt. (Road Cutting Software), Commercial Deptt.(Electricity & Water Billing Software), Accounts Deptt. (Payroll Software System), Architect Deptt., Law Deptt., Education Deptt., Property Tax Deptt., Welfare Deptt. (Booking of Barat Ghars), Security Deptt. (Palika Parking), etc.


Palika Suvidha Kendra: Three Palika Suvidha Kendras, well networked with Palika Kendra, were commissioned in NDMC area to facilitate the citizens with NDMC services in August, 2005. Various services are available to the citizens on regular basis.



GIS: The GIS (Geographic Information System) made operational in IT Department of NDMC. The necessary tie-ups are made with NIC. Through MTNL a 2Mbps leased line commissioned between NIC and NDMC for accessing base database. Necessary GIS related Software, Hardware procured and installed. Entries of necessary data entered into the database along with NDMC map. Different layers of information are digitized with primary data. The 55% of digitization of data w.r.t. water, sewerage lines and main hole has been completed.


Web Portal: The dynamic Web Portal of NDMC is functional as on date where various types of information is available such as RTI, Tender, Forms & Complaint Logging System for the citizens.