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Achievements :

 Improvement in the service standards:  In order to provide the quality medical care, the department procured latest machines andgadgets  like C-Arm Imaging Intensifier, Spinal Surgery Operation Table, Pneumatic Drill, Electric Cauttries and high powered suction machines to improve the surgical capabilities  of the Orthopaedic Department. The Physiotherapy Department attached with the Orthopaedics was also strengthened by procuring  a CPM machine in an endavour to rehabilitate the post operative cases.


2, Improvement in the diagnostic services : The Radiological, Imaging and Pathology services were augmented by procuring CR machine, Ultra Sound Colour Doppler for PMH and Semi Automatic Bio Chemistry Analyser for Poly Clinic.


3. Mechanisation of hospital waste disposal : The hospital waste disposal was mechanized by installing an Auto Clave Shredder and Effluent Treatment Plant at CPH.


4. Strengthening and improvement of patient care services: An Ayurvedic and an Allopathic dispensaries were opened at Rohini for the welfare of the employees residing in the Rohini Residential Complex of NDMC.  Visiting Consultants and Senior Residents were appointed in various specialities to improve the standard of the medical care both in the OPD and the indoors.  The ICCU and the Operation Theatre was also strengthened by procuring bed side monitors defibrillators and ventilators etc. .The out patient services at the dispensary level have been re-organised  so that the patient care in different disciplines of medicines is available under one roof.



Road Ahead :

 1.      Improvement of emergency services at CPH : There is a proposal to re-organise  the emergency services at CPH so that  patients friendly services to the entire satisfaction of the public are available round the clock.  The hospital will also start medico legal cases once the emergency services are re-organised.

2.      Opening of Diagnostic Centre at Dharam Marg : At present there are no facilities for MRI, CT Scan and Mammography services in NDMC.  There is a proposal to open a Diagnostic Centre with these facilities at Dharam Marg so that these services are available to the masses at a rate cheaper than the market rates.

3.      Augmentation and improvement of the services in the hospital: There is a proposal to further improve the operative services in the department of Eye, Surgery and Gynaecology by procuring latest machinery and gadgets. The old gadgets like the Bio-Chemistry and Blood Analysers in the department of Pathology will be replaced as they have almost outlived their expected life.