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Efforts have been made to strengthen and upgrade existing services to make them moreconsumer friendly.


1        Solid Waste Management

(a).       Collection of garbage: Door to door collection of garbage has been started at 51 places.  NDMC envisages expanding this scheme in its entire area.  1100 pairs of litterbins have been provided at busy places.

(b).       Collection and transportation of municipal solid waste: IDFC Project is in implementation phase.  In this project 1600 twin bin trolleys (Blue and Green) along with garbage stations having segregation facilities will be provided.  The garbage will be transported in mechanized covered vehicles to the disposal site.  The garbage shall be recycled at the disposal site by installing modern compost plant and recycling plant.

(c).       Disposal of horticulture waste: Efforts are being made to compost the horticulture waste in situ by local compositing in the NDMC nurseries.

(d).       Proper monitoring of garbage removal has been introduced by making adequate communication system between the staff.  The response time in attending complaints has been reduced.


2.         Regulation of Trades of Public Health Importance: The licensing procedures have been simplified for swimming pools. A single window system for issuing computerized licenses to eating-houses and lodging houses has been planned.


3.         Water Quality Monitoring and Control Of Water Borne Diseases

Public Health Laboratory for water surveillance has been upgraded.  The number of water samples tested has been increased from 30 to 60 per day.


4.         Veterinary Services

The working hours of Veterinary Hospital at Moti Bagh for emergency purpose have been extended till 8.00 P.M. and are now working even on holidays.  The treatment of the animals has been made free of cost. 475 stray dogs have been sterilized and immunized in the year 2006. The target of 1500 stray dogs has been fixed for the next year.


5.         Vital Statistics (Registration of Births & Deaths)
The training of staff of medical record room department of all the hospitals in NDMC area for online retrieval of Birth and Data to Birth and Death Centre, Mandir Marg has been imparted. Online connections with all the hospitals in NDMC area are being made to reduce the time for issuance of birth/death certificate


6.         Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme

Modern chemical insecticides and biocides have been used and have been found successful and eco friendly.  Only 59 cases of malaria have been reported during the year 2006 as compared to 127 cases of Malaria in the year 2005 & 232 cases in the year 2004.  In spite of outbreak of Dengue in NCT of Delhi in the year 2006, the situation was completely under control in the NDMC area. Anti Larval activities andAnti Adult measures have been further strengthened.  .


7.         Maternity, Child Welfare and School Health Services

Maternity and Child Welfare Scheme and School health scheme has been clubbed together for better functioning. Principals and Nodal Officer have been made responsible to ensure medical examination of all the children through the doctors. 


8.         Pulse Polio Programme

Special efforts were made to ensure that no polio cases are reported from NDMC area by achieving 100% coverage of Polio Immunization. Door to door survey is being done so that no child is spared of polio vaccine.


9.         Control of Communicable Diseases

All efforts were being made to prevent communicable disease like Cholera, Dengue, Gastroenteritis, Meningitis etc.  There was no outbreak or these diseases in NDMC area due to timely and effective measures.


10.       ROAD AHEAD (VISION FOR 2010) :

          1. Solid Waste Management to be further strengthened. Garbage to be lifted in the early hours and also there is a provision to lift it on call without loss of time. 

          2. Health Licensing: - Single window system will be introduced. The application for licenses shall be received online.  The hygiene standard of the eating establishments shall be improved by enforcing regulations. 

          3. Water Quality: - Regular and adequate water sampling shall be done from all places vulnerable to get contamination.

          4.   Veterinary Services: NDMC envisages for 100% registration of pet dogs. All the stray dogs shall be sterilized and immunized.

          5.   Vector Borne Diseases:- All efforts shall be made for the control of dengue and malaria.  Mosquito and fly nuisance shall also be control by spraying insecticides and using biocides.  .