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 Achievements : 

The emphasis of the tax department has been on voluntary declaration by the tax payers. System of filing “Saral” declarations was introduced and most of the declarations are being accepted. The format of the property tax bill has been made in such a manner as to provide all the information to the tax payers. The staff has been directed to be cordial and cooperative with the Public. As a result, the grievances of the tax payers have reduced considerably.   

 Computerisation of billing thereby reducing errors

Resolution of disputes through a Grivevance Redressal Committee headed byAdvisor(Revenue) and through Lok Adalats

Reduction in Litigation

Improvement in the processing rate of various types of cases

Rebates – 484

Vacancy Remissions – 118

Mutation – 391

Assessment orders – 714 (figures till feb 2007)

Increase in collections from Rs 116.36 crores to Rs.160.25 crores in the last five years


Road Ahead :


  • Computerisation of demand calculation and accounting with the aim of putting the property tax demand and collection data on the website with payment portal and GIS enabling
  • Switch over to the Unit Area System of property tax  assessment.
  • Increase in collection by broadening the tax base by  levy of service charges on Govtproperties and diplomatic properties based on UAM