Municipal Housing Department D-495/SO/MH 01-Jun-2023 Vacant list of Municipal Accommodation for the month of June 2023 02-Jun-2023 04:16:43 PM Download
Personnel Department 1069668(5)/2023/H (Estt.)-III 31-May-2023 Draft RR for post of Sanitation Officer 31-May-2023 12:24:05 PM Download
Personnel Department 1069649(5)/2023/H (Estt.)-III 31-May-2023 Draft RR for the post Statistical Cadre 31-May-2023 12:21:49 PM Download
Personnel Department E-127595 29-May-2023 Circular with draft RRs of Auxiliary Nursing Midwife (ANM) 29-May-2023 06:47:06 PM Download
Personnel Department A-12011/27/2023-H (Estt.)-II 29-May-2023 Draft RRs for the post of CSSD Technician 29-May-2023 06:37:48 PM Download
Education Department 1067730(3)/2023/Edu. (Estt.)-II 29-May-2023 Circular inviting objections on draft RRs Asstt Teacher Primary 30-May-2023 11:32:52 AM Download
Information Technology Department 307/Dir(IT)/2023 26-May-2023 STATUS REPORT OF ALL THE E-WASTE ITEMS LYING IN THE DEPARTMENTS. 29-May-2023 04:14:51 PM Download
Education Department 1064098(4)/2023/EDUCATION 25-May-2023 INVITING OBJECTIONS ON DRAFT RRs OF LAB ASSISTANT 26-May-2023 04:04:13 PM Download
Coordination Department 1063570(6)/2023/GA 25-May-2023 Circular regarding RRR Collection Drive at Palika Kendra Building. 26-May-2023 04:06:42 PM Download
Personnel Department 1061030(4)/2023/E(Estt.)-II 23-May-2023 Issued Circular for the post of Carpenter (Auto) 23-May-2023 03:00:18 PM Download
Personnel Department 127820/2023 22-May-2023 Draft RRs for the post of Plaster Technician 22-May-2023 05:37:20 PM Download
Training Department 1056939(5)/2023/TRAINING 18-May-2023 Training calender for the financial year 2023-24 19-May-2023 03:25:25 PM Download
Information Technology Department 1055557(5)/2023/IT 18-May-2023 Circular regarding Updation of Information Displayed on NDMC 18-May-2023 04:01:39 PM Download
Personnel Department I/64626/2023 18-May-2023 Attestation forms for Palika Sahayak 18-May-2023 06:50:56 PM Download
Personnel Department 1056086(34)/2023/E (Estt.)-II 18-May-2023 Fresh Circular issued for the post of HMV Driver Cum Fitter . 18-May-2023 03:49:16 PM Download
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