Finance Department 935984(7)/2023/IAB 13-Jan-2023 Third party audit of projects generating revenue on profit sharing basis or percentage of gross turnover in r/o agreement(s) entered into between the concessionaire/licensee and NDMC 13-Jan-2023 06:03:10 PM Download
Personnel Department 929200(3)/2023/E (Estt.)-II 06-Jan-2023 Circular issued for the post of HMV Driver Cum Fitter 09-Jan-2023 01:47:21 PM Download
Personnel Department 11A/SO(HE-III)/2023 05-Jan-2023 Final Seniority List of Surveillance Worker (SW) 19-Jan-2023 11:26:53 AM Download
Transport Department 925198(8)/2023/Auto Workshop 04-Jan-2023 Circular for CNG cards. 05-Jan-2023 03:23:45 PM Download
Welfare Department 921334(8)/2022/ Electric-I(BM-I) 31-Dec-2022 Circular for Extension of Empanelment Hospitals 2023 03-Jan-2023 04:30:21 PM Download
Personnel Department 920182(34)/2022/CGIT Cell 30-Dec-2022 Circular regarding TMRs 30-Dec-2022 04:42:29 PM Download
Law Department 920100(3)/2022/Law Department 29-Dec-2022 Preparation of a list of sensitive / high stake / NDMC policy implications related court cases -reg. 03-Jan-2023 04:25:57 PM Download
Municipal Housing Department D-1143/JD/MH 28-Dec-2022 VACANT LIST OF MUNICIPAL QTR FOR ALLOTMENT IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY 2023 29-Dec-2022 04:45:46 PM Download
Accounts Department D-417/SO/HE-III 27-Dec-2022 Final Seniority List of Assistant Sanitary Inspector 27-Dec-2022 06:23:13 PM Download
Training Department 911094(16)/2022/Auto Workshop 22-Dec-2022 Training of LMV & HMV drivers. 22-Dec-2022 05:09:02 PM Download
Welfare Department 911574(8)/2022/ Electric-I(BM-I) 22-Dec-2022 Circular regarding Empanelment of Hospital 22-Dec-2022 05:30:31 PM Download
Welfare Department 906535(7)/2022/ Electric-I(BM-I) 19-Dec-2022 Circular regarding Preventive Health Check-up of eligible NDMC employees above 40 years working in NDMC as Regular and RMR employees. 19-Dec-2022 03:15:33 PM Download
Training Department 906668(5)/2022/TRAINING 19-Dec-2022 Circular regarding Calendar Training Programmes for the month of January 2023 in Physical (Offline) Mode. 20-Dec-2022 10:43:41 AM Download
Welfare Department 897149(23)/2022/WELFARE 09-Dec-2022 Circular, provide Financial Assistance to the Palika Swachhta Scholarship Scheme for the wards of Safai Sewak of NDMC. 10-Dec-2022 10:50:56 AM Download
Welfare Department 897731(6)/2022/WELFARE 09-Dec-2022 Circular, NDMC Liberalized Medical Health Scheme panel upto 31/12/2023 to 09/08/2022. 10-Dec-2022 10:52:52 AM Download
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