Auction Notice

PUBLIC RELATION DEPARTMENT 515892/2021/PUBLIC RELATION An open auction for disposal off old newspapers and magazines (raddi) weighing approximately 1500 Kg of newspapers and 700 Kg of magazine24/09/2021 Download
ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT 31011/36/2021 -Enforcement Auction of unclaimed goods/articles/ items, seized by field staff of Enforcement Department, lying at Laxmi Bai Nagar and Kali Bari Store, for the period upto 31.05.202103/09/2021 Download
ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT 371451/2020/JD/Enf Auction of unclaimed goods/Articles/items05/01/2021 Download
ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT 24062020 Auction of unclaimed articles/goods seized under section 226 of NDMC Act, 199407/07/2020 Download
ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT 85/6 DDH-II/2018-19 Survey report 19 Nos. Dangerous Trees at Princes Park area, Copernicus Marg.26/11/2018 Download
HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENT 06/DDH-III/18-19 Survey Report of Cut Wood at Various Sites.26/06/2018 Download
ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT D-831-SO-Enf Auction of unclaimed/seized goods removed/seized by the Enforcement Department28/05/2018 Download
HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENT Auction no. 06.DDH-VI Survey report for Auction of Dead and Dry tree Under Lodi Garden Sub Division. at Shergill Marg04/05/2018 Download
HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENT Auction no.05 DDH-VI Auction no. 05 Dead and Dry trees under Lodi Garden Sub Division some trees found dead and dry DDH-VI04/05/2018 Download
HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENT Auction no. 04.DDH-III Survey report of cut wood from heavy pruning 04/05/2018 Download