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  1.  Audit of all the monthly accounts and annual accounts for the year 2014-15,received from the Accounts Department and report submitted for the approval of chairperson.
  2. Annual Audit Report for the year ending 2014 finalized and   placed in the Council on 2nd March 2016. Annual Audit Report for the year ending 2015 has been finalized and is under printing.
  3. 2 SCAN meetings i.e.on 23-09-2015 and 15-01-2016 were held for settlement of outstanding Paragraphs of AARs and 3 paras and 3 sub-paras were settled.
  4. The Performance Audit on the ‘Working of Property Tax Department’ covering last three years period was conducted. In addition, a Review on ‘Purchase of Power for distribution in NDMC Area’ and ‘Working of Control Room of NDMC’ were also conducted and report included in AAR 2015. Further, Performance Audit of Medical Services, CMS, Estate Department, Water Supply Metering and Billing, Electricity Supply Metering and Billing has been taken up during current year which are in progress.
  5. During the year 2015-16 the transaction audit of as many as 81 units of various departments of NDMC was conducted and 644 outstanding paras were settled.