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NDMC School of Science & Humanities

NDMC School of Science & Humanities Education at Tughlak Crescent.
(An in house training centre for teachers)

NDMC School of Science & Humanities Education at Tughlak Crescent is working on enhancement of Science and Humanities Education in all NDMC schools. In the resource center, numerous training programs of science and humanities teachers were organized. NDMC level competition on NIPUN bharat (National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy) for the students for classes III to VIII in Hindi and English was organized to select 360 best readers of NDMC schools. NDMC Talent Search Examination (NTSE) 2022-23 for classes III to XI was conducted for 10532 participating students to provide 250 meritorious scholarships.

To popularize the science education, a science fair is organized every year and for development of various science/Home Science/Work Ex. funds were allocated for modernization of labs and guidance to conduct various practical’s at school level. A MoU has been signed between NDMC and National Science Center to develop at NDMC Science and Humanities Center, Tughlaq Crescent in the session 2023-24, which will facilitate the learning of science principles through experiential learning.

NDMC Science Center liaison with various Central/State government and educational institutions e.g., NCERT, SCERT, CCRT, DIET, etc to implement various schemes, programmes and projects in NDMC schools.