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Roles & Responsibilities


  • The Finance Department ensures prudent financial management in NDMC and also that a system of financial management and control as prescribed by Govt. of India/ NDMC Act is followed.
  • To ensure that Public funds are spent on activities, which are obligatory/discretionary as defined in Section 11 & 12 of NDMC Act. 
  • Enforcing financial discipline so as to have value for the money expended & addition to the reserves of NDMC.
  • Scrutiny & Examination of the proposals referred by heads of  various departments exceeding their delegated financial powers, having regard to GFR, NDMC ACT, FRs&SRs, CPWD Works Manual, and instructions issued from time to time by the Council.   
  • Advisories to various departments of NDMC w.r.t to rules, regulations and laid down procedures and formulation of policies.
  • Scrutiny and advice to Personnel department in respect of cases of creation of post(s), formulation ofpolicies etc and other the referred matters.
  • Advice to the departments for statutory compliances and revenue generation etc.
  • Improving accounting system with a view to reflect a true & fair picture of the assets & liabilities of the Council;
  • Compilation of budget estimates of receipt & payment for the current year and ensuing year on the basis of proposals made by different functional departments/branches of the Council in terms of Section 55 of New Delhi Municipal Council Act, 1994. Submission of Budget proposals to the Council on or before 15th day of January every year in terms of NDMC Budget Regulation 2010.
  • Processing the cases for reappropriation of funds after Scrutiny.
  • Sending MPR to Delhi Govt. showing details of MLA works being executed in two legislative assemblies in NDMC area. And Sending MPR to Delhi Govt. on account of utilization of Plan fund allocated by GNCTD to NDMC
  •  Monitoring of works/ schemes announced in budget speech.
  • Internal Audit Branch identifies financial and operational risks of various functions & activities of various units of Council. Audit of various departments/divisions are conducted by the Internal Audit Branch and the audit Para are issued to the respective departments on the shortcomings/irregularity observed during the audit.
  •  Audit in order to minimize the risks that may militate against the achievement of Council; objectives and to strengthen internal control system.
  •  Report lapses in compliance with rules and regulations, financial improperties and faulty procedures, uneconomic inefficient and ineffective operations. 
  •  Follow up of reports issued. 
  •  Pre-audit of specified categories of financial sanctions.

Officers of Finance and Accounts Departments are posted at different level to different departments as Associate Finance to discharge these duties in respect of the cases within the delegated financial powers of head of respective department.