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a) The existing conventional automatic fire alarm and detection system was  proposed to be converted into semi addressable micro processor based fire alarm and detection system in all the high rise as well special buildings of NDMC. The following buildings have been covered and the system converted with semi addressable system.

  1. Palika Kendra
  2. Chankaya Bhawan
  3. Mayur Bhawan
  4. Akbar Bhawan
  5. Lok Nayak Bhawan
  6. Vidyut Bhawan old block
  7. Pragati Bhawan
  8. Chander Lok Building


Benefit of addressable/semi addressable micro processed based fire alarm and detection system:-

Key features of Semi addressable fire alarm panels are given below :

  1. New semi addressable fire alarm panels are maintenance free.
  2. Sleek design, with large LCD and keypad.
  3. Very easy to operate
  4. Entire Network Information can be viewed on any floor or any device.
  5. Very advanced system with WALK TEST facility for maintenance by a single engineer.
  6. Gives pin point information
  7. System runs on 2 wires only thus saves lot of wiring cost and manpower.
  8. Customized configuration facility is available.
  9. PC Software compatible.
  10. Live printing facility available.
  11. History of system and events facility available.
  12. Networkable up to 4.5 km and can accommodate 64 devices at a time.

b) Fire safety clearance Certificate / NOC has been obtained for NDMC Buildings and schools.
c) All the Barat Ghars are upgraded with latest fire fighting system / fire fighting equipments. Brief particulars of the fire fighting equipments/ services provided are as under:-

  1. Sprinkler system.
  2. West riser/down comer system
  3. Underground static tank 50000 liter capacity
  4. Over head tank 10000 liter capacity with suitable boosting arrangement i.e. Fire pumps etc.
  5. Portable fire extinguishers ISI marked.
  6. Automatic fire alarm and detection system.
  7. P.A. system.
  8. Exit way signage.

d)  Regarding Fire audit of NDMC buildings are being done.