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Roles & Responsibilities

  1. The Fire Department has established Fire Fighting System / Fire Control Rooms to give effective fire safety cover to the lives and property of the users of various NDMC Buildings. These control rooms are manned round the clock (24 x 7) by trained Fire Personnel to tackle any untoward incident.
  2. As per direction/guidelines from the Govt. of NCT. of Delhi Fire prevention and fire safety measures have been provided in all the NDMC schools buildings. NOC (fire safety clearance certificate) has already been obtained in all the schools. Training to the teachers and students with regard to fire safety and self defense are being imparted in all schools.
  3. Mock Drill each month in the Schools of NDMC and in NDMC area regarding fire safety measures and methods to handle/ evacuate in emergency situations.
  4. Installation of Fire Extinguishers in NDMC Buildings
  5. Upgradation of Fire Fighting System and Fire Alarm System
  6. Training of Personnel of Fire Department
  7. Mock drill of Fire Fighting in NDMC area
  8. Training of Fire Safety of Schools, Offices, Market Association and citizens of NDMC area.
  9. Installation of CO2 flooding system in various NDMC Electric Sub Stations.