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Achievements of Public Health Department

  • NDMC Health Department has restructured its process of Solid Waste Managmement successfully and has ranked 4th in Swachh Survekshan carried out by MOUD in 2015 and ranked 1st in the Service Level Status.  It has been nominated for Skoch Merit Awards.
  • NDMC aims to make its area “Zero Garbage”. NDMC has signed an agreement for collection and transportation of garbage with M/s. Metrro Waste Handling Pvt. Ltd. on August 2014. In the restructured municipal solid waste management there is 100% mechanization of collection & transportation of garbage in NDMC area. NDMC has deployed a new system of collection and transportation of garbage where door to door collection of garbage is being done through auto tippers trucks and tri cycle rickshaws.  In this project 26 auto tippers and 424 tri cycle rickshaws, 15 compactors, 10 open tipper trucks, mobile bin washer, repair van, JCBs  have been deployed in 14 circles for collection and transportation of MSW.  These auto tippers are compatible with the mechanical compactor and deposit garbage directly into the compactor which are further compacted at Garbage Transfer Station first in Delhi.  High Capacity Wagons take the garbage and eventually dispose it at the waste to energy plant/ Compost Plant at Okhla.  100% disposal and treatment of municipal solid waste in scientific manner is being carried out by NDMC. Zero garbage is being taken to landfill site.  


NDMC has already procured 1724 new garbage bin trolleys of 1100 ltr. & 4500 ltr. capacity which have been numbered circle wise  and are regularly being cleaned, painted, repaired and sprayed with insecticide.  254 new designs of bins have been placed in Connaught Place area. These bins have biodegradable bags placed in them. Further, 1000 more bins are being procured for the markets in NDMC area.

  • Biometric system has been implemented for taking attendance of all safai karamcharis in sanitation circles.
  • NDMC area is going to be dhalao free area. Already existing dhalaos are being converted into roll call shelters out of which 22 are in possession of Health Department and inaugurated by Hon’ble Members of NDMC. 28 Roll Call Shelters shall be ready by December, 2016.  These Roll Call Shelters are for sanitary workers with gender specific toilet facilities and free of cost tea / coffee is being provided to safai sewaks. Total 50 such Roll Call Shelters shall be made in 2016.
  • Few of the dhalaos about 35 in nos. are in the process of being converted into PTUs by Civil Engg. Deptt.
  • The department is very vigilantly monitoring any complaints from citizens in its area through a well established Central Control Room which diverts all the complaints to the concerned sanitation inspectors in the area through NDMC 311 App. The complaints are also being monitored through various other modalities twitter, what app account, emails to department, facebook, sanitary inspector offices and complaint cell of metro waste handling pvt. Ltd. These complaints are also being monitored at Zonal Officers level, Secretary, NDMC and Chairman, NDMC level.
  • Health Enforcement activities has been intensified in the area where 6 teams have been formed and 3 vehicles are moving in the area in two shifts so as to ensure no illegal activity by unauthorized vendors are there. Report on daily challans is being compiled at the Head Office level.
  • For the first time, Smart Cards have been issued to all the health licensed holders in the NDMC area.
  • Five E-waste collection units have been established in NDMC area to collect and dispose off hazardous material as per MSW Rules, 2016.
  • Four sanitary vending machines along with incinerators have been installed at Women’s Hostels in NDMC area to facilitate safe disposal of sanitary napkins as per MSW Rules, 2016
  • Special Sanitation Drives are being conducted regularly horizaontally with other departments and vertically by Public Health Department under Swachh Bharat Mission.
  • Active participation of Sanitary staff in plantation drives in NDMC area.
  • Medical Checkup of Daily Wagers / RMR / Permanent Employee above 40 years is being done.
  • Regular interaction of MOH and CMOs with Safai Sevaks, Supervisory  Staff, RWAs, MTAs, Pradhans of J.J. Clusters to address their complaints
  • Health Department has identified Swachh Ambassadors in its area from RWAs/MTAs / J.J. Clusters Pradhans to carry out SBM activities more effectively in the area.


  • The Birth and Death Unit has restricted its process and successfully implemented online application system where citizens can take a print of birth / death certificate at their own convenience Free of Cost. All the centres are doing name inclusion and certificates are issued to citizens on immediate basis when they visit any of the birth & death centre.  The model has been appreciated by MCD and is being replicated by them.
  • eSLA system has been implemented in the unit and no pending applications are there.   
  • Scanning of birth records from 1917 till 2000 has been completed and digitization of Birth & Death records before 1982 is being done by NIC which shall be completed by August, 2016.
  • All the govt. hospital in NDMC area have been declared as registration centers where sub-registrar have been identified to issue first copy Birth & Death certificate free of cost to the relatives in the hospital before discharge as per Hon’ble Supreme Court Order.
  • Two of the birth and death centres i.e. Kidwai Nagar and Sarojini Nagar have been upgraded and internet connectivity provided for easy issuance of birth & death certificates to the citizens visiting there.
  • Online appointments for Yellow Fever Vaccination has been started at the unit to increase the efficiency of services deliver to the citizens.


NDMC has taken initiative in the direction of its mission of providing quality health care facilities of international standards to its citizens and visitors in its area by getting NABH accreditation done through Quality Council of India for all its health care units. 

NABH accreditation has been awarded by QCI to 11 Allopathic dispensaries and 5 MCW Centers and few of these units have also been re-accreditated.   

  • Dharam Marg Allopathic Dispensary & MCW Centre
  • Sarojini Nagar Allopathic Dispensary & MCW Centre
  • Golf Link Allopathic Dispensary & MCW Centre
  • Babar Road Allopathic Dispensary & MCW Centre
  • Netaji Nagar Allopathic Dispensary
  • Lodhi Road Allopathic Dispensary
  • Palika Kendra Allopathic Dispensary
  • Bapu Dham Allopathic Dispensary
  • Rohini Allopathic Dispensary
  • Harish Chander Mathur Lane Allopathic Dispensary
  • Baird Lane Allopathic  Dispensary & MCW Centre

QCI standard are being implemented at Palika Maternity Hospital and monitoring of the activities though various indicators have started. Assessment of PMH by QCI is planned in December, 2016 followed by Dental Clinic at Dharam Marg

NDMC is first Govt. body to implement NABH standards in its clinics i.e. Allopathic as well as Ayush. 


    • Thematic Drives under Swachh Bharat Mission are being carried out in NDMC area with great enthusiasm. 
    • Active participation of Health Education Unit is integrated with theme based special sanitation drive of Govt. of India. Health Education Unit is implementing and integrated all health programmes with other departments to sensitize general masses, J.J. Clusters, Students, Teachers, RWAs and MTAs to create general awareness regarding preventive steps to be taken for improving general sanitation in the area, personal hygiene and prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
    • Lot of emphasis is being laid to health awareness in the resident and Market Traders of NDMC area through printing material and house to house contact.   This is being done to reinforce implementation of door to door garbage collection and segregation of garbage at the primary source. 
    • The health education vehicle is creating awareness by vehicle mounted PA system on the subject “not to litter” and “not to spit”.
    • Interschool painting / debate / quizzes are being arranged regularly and is planned with greater intensity. 
    • Cross Sectional Survey for impact of SBM movement in NDMC area has been done in Market / Residential / J.J. Clusters areas.
    • Challan is being done to shopkeepers who are not in possession of dustbin.



The upgraded Public Health Laboratory has started toxicological waster testing along with physic-chemical and bacteriological testing of Parliament House and Parliament House Annexe Complex.  This unit is also carrying out physico-chemical and bacteriological testing from PM House, Rastrapati Bhawan, VVIPs/VIP residence, Supreme Court, Delhi High Court Complex, Patiala House, residences of Hon’ble Judges of High Court and Supreme Court, underground reservoirs, general public, hospitals/ dispensaries, schools etc. 



Procurement of newly introduced and improved insecticides by NVBDCP for Vector Control program has been introduced in NDMC area. Every effort is made to further strengthen IEC Activities among RWA/MTAs and introduction of other agencies also to sensitize teachers, Engineers of CPWD and the horticulture staff in NDMC area. 

NDMC has converted the conventional type of covers of OHTs into typical screw type as per design suggested by Malaria Unit.

For Gambusia Fish a hatchery has been constructed to meet the requirement of fishes in fountain/canals of NDMC area used for containment of Dengue.

A Number of schools rallies were held and will be further strengthened in next year. 

Strengthening of early detection of virus of Dengue with the help of Entomology Unit of NIMR/NVBDCP.