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The Enforcement Department deals with removal of unauthorized vendors/squatters/jhuggies and encroachment on the footpath of Public/Govt land in its area under Section 225 & 226 of NDMC Act, 1994.

Section 225. Prohibition of deposit, etc., of things in streets- (1) No person shall, except with the permission of the Chairperson and on payment of such fee as he in each case thinks fit, place or deposit upon any street, or upon any open channel, drain or well in any street or upon any public place any stall, chair, bench, box, ladder, bale or other things whatsoever so as to form an obstruction thereto or encroachment thereon. (2) Nothing in sub-section (1) applies to building material.

Section 226. Power to remove anything deposited or exposed for sale in contravention of this Act – The Chairperson may, without notice, cause to be removed –

  1. Any stall, chair, bench, box , ladder, bale, or other things whatsoever, placed, deposited, projected, attached or suspended in, upon, from or to any place in contravention of this act.
  2. Any article whatsoever hawked or exposed for sale on any public street or in other public place in contravention of this Act and any vehicle, package, box or any other thing in or on which article is placed.

In addition to this, Enforcement Department also deals with removal of unauthorised hoarding, poster, banners, advertisement, cycle-rickshaws under section 89 of NDMC Act in line with the Delhi Outdoor Policy 2017 and Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 2007.

Section 89 - Prohibition of Advertisement without written permission of the Chairperson, (1) No advertisement shall be erected, exhibited, fixed or retained upon or over any land, building, wall, hoardings frame, post or structure or upon or in any vehicle or shall be displayed in any manner whatsoever in any place within New Delhi without the written permission of the Chairperson granted in accordance with bye-laws made under this Act.
(2) The Chairperson shall not grant such permission if –
(a) the advertisement contravenes any bye-law made under this act or
(b) the tax, if any, dues in respect of the advertisement has not been paid.
(c) Subject to the provision of sub section(2) in the case of an advertisement liable to the advertisement tax, the Chairperson shall grant permission for the period to which the payment of the tax relates and no fee shall be charged in respect of such permission.