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Roles and Responsibilities



Unauthorised squatters/hawkers/encroachments/parking are being removed on day to day basis as per statutory provision of NDMC Act, 1994 and deposited their confiscated/seized goods at Enforcement Store i.e. Laxmi Bai Nagar, Kali Bari, Udhyan Marg and Okhla Compost Plant.



There are total 917 Tehbazari holder, out of which 741 are known as Thareja Verified authorized by Chaturvedi Committee appointed by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and 176 are known as Old Tehbazari Holder authorized by Enforcement Department, NDMC. The allotments made as rehabilitation measure on tehbazari basis and now will be regulated as per “The Street Vendor (Protection of Livelihood & Regulation of Street Vending) Act 2014 and the Street Vendors scheme that is being notified by Delhi Government.



All stalls were allotted to Thareja verified squatters in NDMC area.



There are 104 Taxi Booths in NDMC area (wooden and masonry). Further, allotment of Taxi Booths has been banned by the NDMC as a policy decision.



The policy of putting up of hoardings in NDMC area is governed as per the Outdoor Advertisement Policy 2008/2017 approved by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. No Hoardings are allowed in NDMC area without prior permission of Competent Authority, NDMC. Removal of unauthorised hoarding, posters, banners, advertisements, wall paints is also governed under DOAP 2017 and Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 2007.


Till 1998 Telephone/PCO booths was allotted to physically handicapped persons as rehabilitation measure at nominal fee. Thereafter, in the year 1999, some more booths were constructed and allotted to physically disabled persons by draw of lots. Any new allotment is to be decided by the Town Vending Committee as per provision contained in Street Vendor (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, Rule and Scheme.



Only one SIGNAGES board is permissible to be displayed at the site of any establishment under DOAP 2017. For putting any additional board, prior written permission be obtained from the Competent Authority, NDMC as provided under section 89 of the NDMC Act.



Plying of cycle rickshaws (Passenger) in the NDMC area is banned. On noticing any person-using passenger rickshaw, the same would be seized and shall be crushed.

Sr. No. Service Name Time

Approval for hoardings /Banners / Posters etc. for temporary function

Within 7 days subject to observing guidelines of Hon’ble Supreme Court and permission from traffic police.


Approval of temporary permission to organise social /welfare / charitable event

Within 7 days subject to observing terms and conditions after taking approval of Competent Authority on the payment of Rs.292 per sq ft per month including all applicable taxes.


Removal of encroachments

Encroachments by unauthorized squatters are removed immediately and other encroachments of pucca nature within 72 hours and in case police assistance are required, then immediately on getting police assistance.


Releasing of Seized items / goods / vehicles belonging to unauthorized squatter.

Within 2 days of application, which is to be made within 15 days of Seizure, failing which goods may be auctioned by NDMC. In case of perishable goods they are to be claimed on the same day of seizure on receipt of application, failing which goods are destroyed.



Immediately towed unauthorised parked vehicles and released after imposing usual penalty.

Cycle Rickshaw (Passenger) / Cartridge Rickshaw

Not permitted in NDMC Area


Change of trade.

Change of trade from non-licensable items to non-licensable items is allowed in open tehbazari only subject to completion of codal formalities as per provision contained in Street Vendor Act, Rule and Scheme.


Request for transfer of Tehbazari/Taxibooth/CRT/ Tharas/stall on Legal heir basis

After enactment of Street Vendor Act, 2014, the request for transfer of Tehbazari/Taxi booth/CRT/Tharas/Stall on legal heir basis will be considered by Town Vending Committee in accordance with the Street Vendor Act, Rule and Scheme.