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Bapu Samaj Sewa Kendra

This Centre dedicated to the name of Mahatma Gandhi has a historic significance and is used to not only celebrate functions like Gandhi Jayanti, observing the Martyrdom Day, has other programmes dedicated to the Welfare of neighbouring residents of the Harijan Basti such as craft/stitching classes for girls, running of a nursery school, creche etc. from within this complex. Apart from this the Hall is also used for social bookings, details being as under :-



To an individual or an organisation for holding social cultural programmes e.g. Dramas, Meetings, Lectures, Examinations etc.


Confirmation of booking

Booking form available with Supt. Community hall. Confirmation of booking given within 7 days of receipt of application.



•  Rs. 1,900/- per day for Registered Societies/ Organisations.

•  Rs. 300/- per day for Registered Harijan Welfare Association


Cancellation of bookings

50% of the rent is forfeited if the booking is cancelled by the party


Electricity/Water Charges

Payable in addition to the above.

     In case of clash over dates, booking of commercial purposes would be decided by open bid. For booking and other information Superintendent of Kendra is available on Tel. No.23363571.